Unique world-class user facilities foster rich research opportunities

Through its technology transfer efforts, Los Alamos National Laboratory can implement user facility agreements that allow its partners and other entities to conduct research at many of its unique facilities.

Our national user facilities are the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE), the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL), and the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT). They are available to outside users, including scientists and engineers from industry, universities, and government agencies.

Users come to the Laboratory to characterize, study, fabricate, calibrate, test, and evaluate new materials, systems, products and processes.

In 2017, Los Alamos National Laboratory hosted more than 1,500 users at CINT, LANSCE, and NHMFL. Users came from across the DOE complex, from national and international academia and from industrial companies across the United States.


    The Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies is a Department of Energy-funded nanoscience research facility that provides users from around the world with access to state of the art expertise and instrumentation in a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment with a focus on nanoscience integration.


    LANSCE is a premier accelerator-based user facility for national security and fundamental sciences. At the heart of LANSCE is a powerful linear accelerator that accelerates protons to 85% the speed of light. LANSCE provides the scientific community with intense sources of neutrons and protons, with the capability of performing experiments supporting civilian and national security research.

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    The Pulsed Field Facility at Los Alamos is one of three campuses of the NHMFL. Los Alamos provides unique resources to the NHMFL Pulsed Magnetic Field Laboratory in the form of a 1.4 giga-volt amperes (GVA) inertial storage motor generator for high field pulsed magnets. The NHMFL supports a user facility open competitively to all qualified users, develops magnet technology in association with the private sector, and advances science and technology opportunities using high magnetic fields. Read more about the Lab's National User Facilities.