The Department of Energy Office of Science's Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) program supports specialized computer science and mathematics research and development aimed at solving today’s real world high-performance computing challenges and developing the technologies of the future. At LANL we work with ASCR in a number of areas including:

  • Data science, including visualization and analytics
  • Programming models & runtime systems
  • Storage systems
  • Advanced computing technologies (e.g., quantum computing)
  • Fundamental and focused topics across computational sciences

Exascale Computing Projects

LANL has roles in leadership and technical project execution within the DOE’s Exascale Computing Project (ECP). The upcoming era of exascale computing platforms will drive breakthroughs in

  • materials science
  • additive manufacturing
  • chemical design
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • cancer research and treatment
  • earthquake risk assessment

LANL’s project portfolio