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Project purpose

The new models and algorithms sought by the Advanced Grid Modeling effort within the DOE/OE cannot be developed in a vacuum and, once developed, should not reside in a vacuum. The Grid Science Winter School and Conference enables both the dissemination of these results and the creation of a highly skilled workforce needed to transform the electrical grid (and other coupled infrastructures) to deal with the major issues of the next several decades.

Summary of executed and planned results

LANL has organized and hosted three Grid Science Winter Schools and Conferences. The first in January 2015, the second in January 2017, and the third in January 2019. The Winter Schools span three days and consist of lectures on methods and techniques applicable to the electrical grid by both LANL scientists and our academic partners. The Conference takes place the following two days and consists of seminars by leading researchers and a poster session by the Grid Science Winter School students. The total number of student and postdoc attendees in each of these events is approximately 50 with approximately 30 of those supported by DOE/OE. The student support is determined by a competitive application process

Past Conferences