Exploring the physics, chemistry, and metallurgy of materials has been a primary focus of Los Alamos since its founding and continues today to enable a safe, reliable nuclear deterrent. Our work in materials science has expanded through the years and we are now looking to utilize our extensive capability for needs in the energy industry. Los Alamos is currently leading with NETL and the DOE Fossil Energy program, the development of a multi-lab initiative to further advance the development of materials in extreme environments. ExtremeMat would be a multi-lab consortium focused on developing cross-cutting "tool sets" to accelerate the discovery and scale-up of new, or enhanced materials that can tolerate extreme environments and be scaled up for manufacturing in a cost-effective manner.



Los Alamos Gains Role in High-Performance Computing for Materials Program

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Announces High Performance Computing for Materials Program to Help Industry Develop new, Improved Materials for Severe Environments



Mara honored with a Young Researcher award

Pilania awarded Humboldt Research Foundation Fellowship