Mastering the subsurface

Mastering the subsurface has been central to the Los Alamos mission for over sixty years. From understanding the subsurface for containment and monitoring of our own underground testing through the mid-90s, to more recent efforts in monitoring and assessing seismic events for treaty verification, LANL has developed extensive capabilities for understanding the subsurface.


Science based prediction

The Lab developed unique monitoring and diagnostic tools, predictive models of rock behavior, and simulators that can predict the complex couplings between fluid flow, chemical reactions, and mechanical deformation. This capability in science-based prediction reflects Los Alamos’ history of harnessing supercomputers to build confidence in decisions. The Lab has adapted these core capabilities for challenges related to subsurface energy challenges.  


Current Projects

The Lab is also developing high performance computing tools and fundamental science to understand what limits the production of oil and gas production and how the subsurface can be manipulated for more efficient and effective recovery of resources.



NRAP National Risk Assessment Partnership

CCSI Carbon Capture Simulation for Industry Impact



Muon detector Developed for Subsurface Borehole Imaging



Snelson, Viswanathan, and Wohletz named Geological Society of America Fellows

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